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  • TVD is closed (4/21/2017) - Friends, family, followers, and fans… We regret to announce the immediate closing of Tualatin Valley Distilling, LLC. While we had intended to continue operating on an appointment only basis for the remainder of the year, a few missteps in timing on our part resulted in an expired license preventing us from continuing sampling and sales […]
  • Transition to appointment only and a new release! (2/28/2017) - As of March 31st we will be transitioning our portion of the shared tasting room to appointment only status. This is in keeping with our agreement with Big Bottom Distilling as they continue their consistent expansion in the market. While we are investigating other spaces, after March 31st, you will only be able to obtain […]
  • A new cocktail for the fall… (10/21/2016) - Just in time for the Halloween holiday, we’ve created what is likely one of the most goth cocktails ever devised; the Seamus Reviver has a deep purple colouring from one of its key ingredients, and uses our Oberon Absinthe to both build a powerful impact in flavor and effect. Using the Navy strength gin at 114 […]
  • Project Yearling: a BIG, BOLD new release! (9/8/2016) - Our Fifty/Fifty American Whiskey turned one last month! On Saturday August 27th, we released the next in our Oregon Experimental warehouse only series: Project Yearling. This bottling is our Fifty/Fifty American Whiskey aged for a year and a day. This marks the first whiskey we’ve released that is aged over a year! Rested in a first-use charred […]
  • Events! Where’s TVD this summer? (7/5/2016) - We’ve been a tad quiet recently with some personal moves, vacations and the like, but we are still around every Saturday 12-4pm in our shared tasting room, and will be at the following events over the Summer 2016 months! July 11th, 12th, and 13th – Hilton Garden Inn, Beaverton, Manager’s Reception, 5-7pm July 23rd – […]
  • What can I do with Oberon Absinthe Superieure? (6/16/2016) - Hey there, I have a question. Excellent. We love questions! I LOVE what you’ve done by releasing a new absinthe that is more delicate and floral with a balance in the botanicals. That’s not a question, but continue, we also love unadulterated praise…. Oh, right, well my question is what can I DO with your […]
  • What can I do with Morewood’s Usquebaugh? (2/24/2016) - One of the most common questions we get in the tasting room (right after what IS that), is: “what can I do with Morewood’s Usquebaugh? How can I use it?” The sarcastic answer is, of course, “Drink it!”… but we know the intent of the question, since we ask ourselves the same thing as we […]
  • September has been a huge month for us at TVD! (9/24/2015) - Our work over the past year and a half in production is showing very solid results! With a big thank you to all of YOU for the amazing support which got us to this point and to helping us grow even more as we look forward to the future we say: Cheers to you all! […]
  • Introducing Morewood’s Usquebaugh (6/8/2015) -  BIG NEWS! This month at Tualatin Valley Distilling we’ve not only moved our locally crafted Oregon Single Malt and Fifty/Fifty American Whiskeys to special order status with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC item codes 2805e and 2806e respectively), but we’ve also released a brand new spirit to the market! Here’s the quick and dirty […]
  • Big things are afoot at TVD! (5/18/2015) - We’ve been quite busy since last we posted to the blog. Last October we finally launch our Aged Oregon Single Malt and Aged Fifty/Fifty products to the market at the Great American Distiller’s Festival, where we also took home a gold medal for our small run Apple Brandy. We consider that quite an achievement for a […]
  • We have only yet begun! (10/21/2014) - I realized it has been over 7 months since last I blogged here. Most of our updates have gone out in the form of Facebook and G+ posts; quick and easy updates to let you know what we’re up to… but how about a nice recap since the last post to bring you all up […]
  • A missive on the TVD Logo (3/26/2014) - I wanted to take a moment here and explain an important part of our company’s esthetic choice and its symbolism for us: As you’ve likely noticed, our company logo is a design inspired by both Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Both Corey and Jason have a predilection towards these architects/designers and their distinct panoply of work. […]
  • Some recent changes… (1/29/2014) - You may have noticed a recent change here and around our other social spaces… and it’s a pretty big change to be sure: we are on the tail end of the process to update our business name in efforts to avoid potential trademark issues. But don’t fret, we’re still the same startup, in the same […]
  • Getting closer… (11/11/2013) - As the year has progressed we’ve been baby-stepping our way through the various licensing requirements at the federal and local levels. The bad news is that the federal shutdown in early October has delayed our approvals more than anticipated, but the good news is that we are well on our way to see approvals come […]
  • A brief update: Looking forward with excitment (3/7/2013) - The new year has started off like gangbusters. With the addition of Corey to the LLC articles and operating agreement, some substantial equipment purchased (including our two new stills, set for delivery in May), and various licensing work still underway, we’re busier than ever. We’re looking at being on property June 1 and setting up […]