Getting closer…

As the year has progressed we’ve been baby-stepping our way through the various licensing requirements at the federal and local levels. The bad news is that the federal shutdown in early October has delayed our approvals more than anticipated, but the good news is that we are well on our way to see approvals come in before the end of the year.

While we’ve been awaiting our approvals, we’ve been able to focus on equipment acquisitions and product ideas. All that means we should be able to begin testing recipes as soon as our approvals come in and begin full production more quickly than previously imagined.

We are also looking into 2014 to begin planning out potential event attendance as vendors, so keep an eye on the events page to see where we’ll be debuting our whiskies so you can sample and purchase a bottle or two.

It’s been a busy and exciting year thus far, and 2014 looks to be even busier and more exciting as we move forward towards a full launch of the distillery, tasting room, and start working the events circuit in the Pacific North West.

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