IMG_1429 BIG NEWS! This month at Tualatin Valley Distilling we’ve not only moved our locally crafted Oregon Single Malt and Fifty/Fifty American Whiskeys to special order status with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC item codes 2805e and 2806e respectively), but we’ve also released a brand new spirit to the market!

Here’s the quick and dirty need-to-knows about Morewood’s Usquebaugh:

1. So what IS it? Morewood’s Usquebaugh is an historic revival spirit based on a recipe documented in 1838 describing the methods and ingredients for a farmhouse spirit that was produced in the late 16th century. It is a proof spirit base with spices and botanicals added pre-distillation, and with saffron added post distillation for a wild color and extraordinary flavor. It is a complex arrangement of crisp and warm spice notes with a full mouthfeel and can be consumed straight or even louched as you would an absinthe. But don’t let that confine you to only two methods, as it is a very versatile drink and can be used as a base or spice accent for designing your own cocktails.

2. Ok, I think I understand what it is, but how in the world do you pronounce it? The word usquebaugh is Gaelic for ‘water of life’ and is actually where the word whiskey originates. That in mind, usquebaugh is pronounced as: uhsk-uh-bah. Morewood, of course, is pronounced as you’d expect.

3. So where did the name come from? Samuel Morewood is the chap who wrote a lengthy book in 1838 and documented this fine recipe. For his efforts and thoughtfulness in telling us how to recreate this historic drink we thought it befitting to name our product after him as tribute. Usquebaugh is a word that Mr. Morewood used to describe the spirit and also tells us that it was a categorical term used to discuss all compounded spirits of the time, hence our name of Morewood’s Usquebaugh.

4. Ok, I love history and am sold! Where can I purchase this lovely bottle and experience it for myself? We’re glad you asked! Morewood’s usquebaugh is immediately available in our tasting room located in Hillsboro Oregon, or as special order through the OLCC . Special order means your local liquor store would need to place the order for item code 3288B for you through the OLCC and contact you when they receive delivery, which is a great way to obtain a bottle if you live/shop in Oregon but can’t make it to our tasting room easily.

5. I’m definitely sold but I guess I should also know what it costs. This product retails at $59.95 for a 750ml bottle both in OLCC (Oregon) liquor stores as well as through our tasting room.

6. Excellent, but where can I get even MORE information about Morewood’s Usquebaugh? Ah, yes you’re thirsty for more details! We understand that and have documented as much as we could think of on our website’s product page for this new release. Check there for the deeper run down and of course let us know if there are any other questions we can answer about this new product that has us more excited than we thought possible! 

Lastly, but surely not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t thank one of the main inspirations for bringing this new product to market: so we impart an enormous thank you to our good friend, Randy “Raz” Ullon, for all his help over the years in researching the origins and history of whisky which lead us to this recipe and idea for a revival spirit. Slainte’ mhath!

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