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Apple_Brandy_375ML_LabelApple Brandy: This Distiller’s Series fruit brandy is made from a single varietal apple. Crafted by  Big Bottom Distilling’s lead distiller, Travis Schoney, from the apple selection through fermentation and final distillation, this apple brandy was designed as a unique dry brandy from the ground up. Awarded the Gold Medal in the fruit brandy category at the Great American Distiller’s Festival in October, 2014.

Tasting notes:  

Proofed at 80 (40% alcohol by volume) this Apple Brandy starts with caramels and bright apple notes on the nose, followed by light honey with hint of stone. It presents as a gin drinker’s brandy in its temperament and dryness on the palate, teasing of sweetness with the deep essence of the apple yet avoiding the cloying sugary notes and leaving the palate with a crisp and clean finish. On the palate it presents crisp and clean with big apple flavor balanced by dark stone fruit and more caramel, followed by a hint of under-ripe banana. It concludes with a dry and crisp finish and a lingering richness, but light on the palate.