Fifty Fifty American Whiskey batch 5

tvd-label-5050-front-editFifty/Fifty American Whiskey, batch 5
 This American whiskey is our fifth release aged for 6 1/2 months in 5  and 6 gallon oak barrels and released in 750ml bottles. Using both charred American Oak and toasted Hungarian oak,  This whiskey is our tribute to the mix of Scotch whisky and American whiskey influences, as it embraces both sides of the Barley / Rye divide. Also using Pacific Northwest-grown barley, the flavor profile plays with the complex oak aging to impart more unique notes in the final result. Find batches 1-4 here.


Tasting notes:

Proofed at 92 (46% alcohol by volume) this aged American whiskey first noses with a complex caramel and spice notes. It presents with a viscous mouthfeel and mild smoke on the palate. It is bookended with mint and eucalyptus notes, along with warm fall spice notes and a smooth chocolate malt middle that balances the complexity of this whiskey to appeal to both the Scotch whisky and American whiskey palates.