As of March 31st we will be transitioning our portion of the shared tasting room to appointment only status. This is in keeping with our agreement with Big Bottom Distilling as they continue their consistent expansion in the market. While we are investigating other spaces, after March 31st, you will only be able to obtain our commercially available bottles through special orders placed with your local OLCC liquor stores using the product codes here, through our online retailer, or by appointment at Big Bottom’s tasting room. Our warehouse series Oregon Experimental bottlings will remain only available through tasting room appointments. 

Which means… beginning March 4th, you will have only 4 Saturdays’ worth of opportunities to obtain our newest Oregon Experimental American Whiskey release: Project Swan Song. This latest release is a small 50 bottle run and what we believe is our best Oregon Single Malt bottling yet. You will not want to miss this one!   

This Oregon Experimental American Whiskey; Project Swan Song was built using the following structure:

Mashbill: 100% Mecca Grade Estate Oregon Malted Barley
Aged:       Over 8 months            
Proof:       128.85
Project notes: Aged in both charred American oak and toasted Hungarian oak, with the addition of French oak chips, this bottling has the deep, rich colour to match its flavour. Abundant caramel, dark chocolate, vibrant grain and cereal notes, rounded with balanced tannins. 

This will only be available in our shared tasting room located in Hillsboro Oregon starting March 4th until March 25th. Four weekends to get your hands on such a limited release. After March 31st, you’ll need to schedule a tasting room appointment to get any of the remaining warehouse series bottles.  

We look forward to seeing you soon! 
Slainte’ mhath!
Corey & Jason

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