A brief update: Looking forward with excitment

The new year has started off like gangbusters. With the addition of Corey to the LLC articles and operating agreement, some substantial equipment purchased (including our two new stills, set for delivery in May), and various licensing work still underway, we’re busier than ever. We’re looking at being on property June 1 and setting up shop to begin initial rounds of production soon after.

Stay tuned for news and media highlights here as we continue to tighten up the business and begin a blitzkrieg of local promotion once we get our DSP license squared away! As the saying goes: “we have only just begun”!

We look forward to building long lasting relationships with all our fans, customers, aficionados  suppliers, vendors, and everyone else we come into contact with through this adventure. While whiskies are our product and focus, our foundation is based on the people and relationships we build because of the business and products we create.

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