September has been a huge month for us at TVD!

Our work over the past year and a half in production is showing very solid results! With a big thank you to all of YOU for the amazing support which got us to this point and to helping us grow even more as we look forward to the future we say: Cheers to you all!


On September 16th, the Whiskies of the World Awards were announced and we were delighted to find we’d been awarded a Silver medal for our Oregon Single Malt and a Bronze medal for our Fifty / Fifty American Whiskey! Our medals were in the Craft Malt and Craft Whiskey categories respectively. You can read the press release here.

Hot on the tails of our recent Silver and Bronze medal wins we also made another BIG announcement that many of our fans outside of Oregon have been waiting for! You’ve seen us hint at this, and now the day has finally come when we can announce it! We’ve partnered with ( to enable on-line ordering of our products! ezrascom-new9-2015That’s right, YOU can now order our Whiskeys and Usquebaugh and have them shipped directly to you! Our products are now live on the site and ready to ship out when you order!

We also launched our own Instagram account (or rather transitioned Jason’s account to professional use) this month, so if you are on that platform go ahead and give us a follow there!

IMG_1687If you’re already following us, you’ve likely seen the latest photo posted of our new cocktail “The Alchemist” as designed and served by Estanislado (Tanis) Orona at Raven & Rose, which went live on their menu Wednesday (Sept 23rd, 2015)! Stop in, tell them we sent you, and order your own Alchemist today!
The Alchemist” is 2oz Tualatin Valley Distilling’s Usquebaugh. 1/2 oz Saffron Syrup, 1/4 oz Lemon Juice, Ground Cinnamon, Crushed Ice & Lemon Peels.
We couldn’t be more pleased with the attention Tanis gave to the complexity of this unique spirit and the amazing cocktail he created around it!

Lastly, if you want a deeper look (or listen) into the business and how we got started, the Distillery Nation podcast in which Jason was interviewed about Tualatin Valley Distilling went live last week as well! Check out the podcast hosted by Ilias Mastrogiannis of Mastrogiannis Distillery in which he focuses on our story and background of the distillery and we have a great conversation about some of the ups and downs of the business. Distillery Nation is set to be a great resource for new craft distilleries aimed at helping us all avoid pitfalls of the industry and share knowledge. Enjoy!

Access the Podcast and notes at:

Or on iTunes:
We also have it on good authority that Big Bottom Distilling will be highlighted on the Distillery Nation Podcast soon as well, so subscribe to be sure you don’t miss that episode!

As always, stay tuned for our future releases expected in December when the Mecca Grade Single Estate version of our Oregon Single Malt is released!


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